Safe Pills For Weight Loss

Obesity has always been a concern especially in today’s fitness conscious world. Consequently, we find more and more advertisements and campaigns offering different products and methods to reduce weight.

People are especially attracted towards weight loss pills as they offer to do more by doing less. Now the question is which pills are safe to use. Do these pills really deliver what they promise? Many questions are annexed when matters related to recurrence of weight and healthy safety issues are discussed side by side. Viasil Reviews

Usually weight loss pills are classified in to three categories. Prescription, over-the-shelf and natural or herbal pills/supplements. Prescription pills are usually clinically tested backed by some authentic results which are certified by known drug agencies. These pills work either by inhibiting enzymes or breaking fats in the body. Usually effected but these pills are carefully regulated, as they are accompanied by side effects and any overdose can trigger a reaction.

You can get over-the-shelf pills from any nutrition or super store without any prescription. Many products are available in the market. Usually, these products are not strictly regulated and may contain substances that are harmful to health. Recent examples include PPA or phenylpropanolamine. PPA was found to be the cause of strokes and thus was considered hazardous to human health. Although, most of the companies selling these pills or supplements have stopped using such chemicals yet one has to be observant before starting any of these products. The best way is to use the products that are well known and have proven efficacy.

Natural or Herbal weight loss pills are categorized as food products. There has always been a concern regarding the ingredients used in these pills Just by claiming that an ingredient is natural or simply that an ingredient is natural does not necessarily means that it is safe. A known example is Ephdera or ma hang which were considered best weight loss pills until Federal Drug Agency investigated this ingredient and found out that it is dangerous to our nervous system and heart. But it was not before several cases of death cases.

Conclusively all the weight loss pills or supplements either work by suppressing appetite or by breaking up fats in the body. Recently, patches are also available that reduce fats from a particular portion of the body. However, there can be variations in terms of active ingredient used in these pills. Therefore it is always safer to use pills that are regulated and certified from a know drug regulatory authority.

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