Disaster Goals Than a Year Supply of Food?

Much of survival or disaster planning tends to focus on food supplies. Obviously people need food to survive and during these situations the stores will be empty and closed when there are disruptions. One value that many hold is to have a year supply of food. There is nothing wrong with holding this as an ideal but it does miss some finer points that should be considered.

It is a fact that one year of food is better than half a year of food. This is not the argument being made that less food is better. One needs to consider the long term context when talking about a whole year of societal disruption.

Is it better to have the food stored away or to have a means to produce food?

The best type of long term food storage is to not have to store it at all but be able to produce food. Having an active garden, gardening skills, russian grocery gardening tools, and seeds will make whatever you have stored last longer and always give you something to fall back onto because you will own that production.

Once you already have a few months of food it would be better to look into getting things that will produce more food in the future than to pack away more months of food.

Another area to consider growing skilled at is foraging. Learn what local plants in your area are useful for eating as well as any medicinal purposes.

It doesn’t hurt either to have some basic hunting skills because that can be another way of obtaining food making what you have stored last longer.

Change the mentality from having to have it all stored away to learning how to produce your own food making your skills give you the food you need for extremely long term survival situations.

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